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Our Value Proposition
With over eight decades of experience, the KCT team has expert knowledge on almost all aspects of the coal business, ranging from coal mining and transportation to government policy on coal.

Our key strengths include:

  • Dispatch Centers: KCT has a number of coal dispatch centers located in all the major coalfields and coal handling ports across India.
  • Vast Office Network: The Company also has a network of 30 branch offices that are strategically situated in nearly every major and minor urban centre, in close proximity to all major coal consumers as well as all Indian Railways Zonal Headquarters. Additionally, our New Delhi Office stays updated on the latest developments in the Ministry of Coal and Ministry of Railways.
  • Historical Relationships: As one of the largest customers of the Indian Railways in terms of quantity of freight handled, and as a former owner of coal mines, KCT has strong historical ties with the Indian Railways, the main transporting agent of coal, and with Coal India Ltd. ["CIL"], primary producer of coal in the country.
  • A Highly Experienced Workforce: KCT has a skilled workforce at all levels. The company specializes in hiring the best ground staff at each loading point, who are well versed in the local language, and have practical knowledge of the customs and traditions of the particular area in which they operate.
  • Financial Soundness: KCT is a long-term debt free company with a firm balance sheet demonstrating figures that have experienced steady growth over the years.


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