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Having established a leadership position in the domestic coal industry, KCT is now diversifying its business operations to the supply of imported coal, and cater to the existing as well as the upcoming power plants and other industries in India. As for domestic coal handling, KCT aims to provide full supply chain management solution, and deliver the cargo right till the doorstep of the consumer. Undoubtedly, KCT’s presence at various Indian ports on both the eastern and western coasts will enable the Company to serve the Indian consumers more efficiently.

We believe in value addition. We look forward to the new opportunities and challenges involved in meeting the requirements of the consumers of imported coal, and hope to serve them with same quality service and efficiency with which the KCT brand has come to be associated. We assure you of our best services at all times

  1. Procurement: We have a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who have rich experience in procurement of coal from various countries like Indonesia, South Africa and Australia. We intend to tie-up with various mine owners in such coal-producing countries to provide desired quality and best prices to our customers. This would also be by way of investments in selected mines in Indonesia.
  2. Co-ordination & Liaisoning: We intend to take complete responsibility of clearing and forwarding activities like customs clearance, coordination with port, railways and other statutory authorities, pre-payment of custom duty, port charges, other statutory levies etc., on behalf of our customers.
  3. Inland Handling Services: Once the vessel has arrived at Indian ports, we intend to provide all the inland handling services like berthing of vessel at port, unloading of cargo, arranging for plot, storage, handling of cargo at stack yard, arranging for trucks/ rakes, loading into trucks/ rakes and onward transportation and delivery to the destination based on the customer’s requirement.
  4. Offerings to the Customers: We would offer various modes of coal sale depending on the requirement and need of our customers viz. FOB, C&F, ex-port and FOR basis.
  5. Timely Delivery: We believe that we have developed our goodwill across the nation in the field of coal logistics and transportation. With an experienced operations team, we would ensure timely delivery within the customers’ schedule, which is the essence of the business. We would provide an option to import coal through various discharge ports in India so that the customer has an option of comparing landed cost of coal at its site and identify the optimum route considering the techno-commercial viability of coal movement.
  6. Quality Control & Shortage Minimisation: We offer trained and experienced ground staff at the load port as well as the discharge port in India in order to ensure minimum incidence of foreign objects, wet coal, fine content, and oversized or "lumpy" coal and also to ensure that shortages are kept to a minimum. This way we endeavour to maintain a win-win situation by reducing the loss of time and money.
  7. Sampling and Analysis: We would ensure proper sampling and analysis of coal by appointing qualified representatives of inspection agencies as per international standards at load port as well as the discharge port. This would help in maintaining the quality of the coal to meet desired specifications of our customers.


CIN: U51909WB1943PLC011283