Coal Handling
Port Operations
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Port Operations
  1. Rake Unloading

    • Manual unloading of coal from Box-N wagons
    • Supervising mechanized unloading of wagon and subsequent loading onto ships while ensuring minimum shortage and shortest possible turnaround time of the vessel
  2. Intra-Port Transportation

    • Manual loading into tippers for onward transportation to wharf
  3. Operating Coal Stockyards

    • Proper and high stacking of coal
    • Volumetric assessment of stockyard quantity
    • Taking necessary measures for fire prevention
    • Providing for all other environmental stipulations
  4. Stevedoring

    • Manual loading of coal and other bulk cargo onto vessels by steel wire or net wire slings
    • Ensuring even distribution of cargo in ship's hatches
  5. Ship Agency

    • Chartering (time charter / voyage charter) ships on behalf of various consumers on a long or short term basis
  6. Other Activities

    • Filing customs documents
    • Making port payments


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